fresh red grouper / red garoupa fish head

Red Grouper, Fish Head, Fresh (1 KG-1.5 KG) 红石斑

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Country of origin: Indonesia

Also known as 红石斑 (Hong Shi Ban), Merah Kerabu, Ang Gau, Red Garoupa 

One of the four king fish in Singapore, it is popular among all ages and even more so during the Chinese New Year celebrations due to its auspicious red colour and due to how excellent it is for steaming due to its firm and bouncy meat. 

Its fish head is our top recommendation for steaming.
If you are looking for larger-sized ones please let us know via WhatsApp (+65 9674 5776)

Fish heads provide a lot of value for money for those that know how to cook it!

Please understand that the sizes are guidelines for us, so if it turns out to be slightly bigger/smaller, the cost will be different.