fresh black grouper fillet

Black Grouper, Fillet (1 KG) 黑石斑

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Country of origin: Malaysia / Indonesia

Other names: 石斑鱼(Shi Ban Yu), Kerabu Hitam, Garoupa, Orh Gau, Gau Hi

Price is $35/kg 

Meat is firmer and usually thicker compared to fillets from snappers and can be used for fish soup or porridge. It can also be steamed, or cooked with sweet and sour sauces.

Fillets are deboned* and are the preferred choice for feeding children and elderly compared to eating the fish whole. 

Excellent for steaming & grilling / cooked with sweet & sour sauces.

*Please note that even though the deboning process is done with stringent control, it is important to check for the presence of bones before feeding children and elderly.*

Please also note that it is not the same type of grouper as most small groupers that are more inexpensive. Those are known as Huay Gau/Flower Grouper and not Orh Gau/Black Grouper.