Dear all, Xavier will be enlisting today (30/9). From now on, Krystal will be managing alone. We hope that you will continue showing us your support and we will always do our best to provide fresh seafood at good prices :)

Pomfret Pack

Pomfret Pack

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Wanted to create some packs for our dear regulars to have a smoother shopping experience! 

This is a good way for you to identify which pomfret your family likes best! 

This pack contains: 
1) Chinese Pomfret ~500g-600g x1 ~$17.5 - $21
2) White Pomfret ~350-400g x1 $12.2 - $14
3) Golden Pomfret ~400g-500g x1 $5.6 - $7
4) Black Pomfret ~400g-600g x1 $6 - $9
For a total of $41.3 - $51 depending on the size of the fish that day! 
Tentatively we'll put it as $46, but just know that we'll weigh it honestly on the day of delivery! :) 

Do let us know if you prefer smaller or larger sized pomfrets!