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Pomfret Pack

Pomfret Pack

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Wanted to create some packs for our dear regulars to have a smoother shopping experience! 

This is a good way for you to identify which pomfret your family likes best! 

This pack contains: 
1) Chinese Pomfret ~500g-600g x1 ~$17.5 - $21
2) White Pomfret ~350-400g x1 $12.2 - $14
3) Golden Pomfret ~400g-500g x1 $5.6 - $7
4) Black Pomfret ~400g-600g x1 $6 - $9
For a total of $41.3 - $51 depending on the size of the fish that day! 
Tentatively we'll put it as $46, but just know that we'll weigh it honestly on the day of delivery! :)