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la la clams

Fresh La La Clams 啦啦 (1 KG)

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Country of origin: Malaysia


One of the few types of clams available in Singapore, La La is a local favourite and have tender meat coupled with a chewy texture. They can be steamed, boiled, baked, or fried. Alternative dishes include Clam Chowder, Clam Risotto, cooking in red sauce, white sauce, or pan-seared in olive oil.

Please note that I am listing these products on behalf of my neighbouring stall, hence I may not be able to answer all your questions! 

For online delivery, if we leave it all alive with no ice, some will open up and die by the time we reach you, leaving a bad odour.

*Those that remain closed after being exposed in heat are the dangerous ones that are no longer fresh, hence while they are alive we pack them with ice to preserve their freshness.


1) Prepare a bowl of cold to room temperature water

2) Add salt and soak the clams for at least 20mins.

3) Repeat with a 2nd bowl of salt water in cold to room temperature water until no sand sediments can be found at the bottom of the bowl. 

4) Ready to cook!