Sea Bass, Steak, Fresh

Sea Bass, Steak, Fresh

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Country of origin: Malaysia

Mandarin: 鲈鱼, 鲈, 金目鲈 Jin Mu Lu
Malay: Ikan Siakap 
Hokkien: Gim Mak Lor 

$20/kg (picture is roughly 600g)

Farmed in saltwater along the straits. One of the most popular local choices of fish as the meat is mild and texture is soft. Fresh supply available every day. 

Size generally ranges from 600g to 1.2 kg.

Specify how you want it prepared and we can do it for you; e.g. cut into slices, fillet, etc.

Cooking methods are versatile as well – steaming, grilling, panfrying and broiling