Steak slices are very popular for panfried/fish curry as the bone helps to hold the meat together, suitable for families that frequently eat fish & are not afraid of bones.

Tail sections are firm with minimal fine bones & popular among the elderly/families that frequently eat fish as the portion size is perfect for a dish.

Fish heads are the greatest value for money, with prices at least 50% lower than the fillets/steak slices! Although it can be more difficult to cook, those that are very experienced with cooking fish find it a must to have a fish head or two in every order.

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  • Assorted Fish Bones

  • sea bream fish
    sea bream fish

    Parts of Ang Go Li 红哥里

  • atlantic salmon fish head

    Parts of Atlantic Salmon (Norwegian) 三文鱼

  • threadfin fish head
    threadfin belly

    Parts of Balai Threadfin 午鱼

  • batang steak slices
    batang steak slices

    Parts of Batang 巴当/马鲛鱼

  • cod fish steak

    Parts of Cod Fish 鳕鱼

  • Parts of Emperor Red Snapper 红狮

  • golden snapper fish head

    Parts of Golden Snapper 红潮

  • Parts of Red Grouper 红石斑

  • red snapper steak
    red snapper fish tail

    Parts of Red Snapper 红鸡

  • salmon trout fish head
    salmon belly

    Parts of Salmon Trout (Norwegian) 三文鱼

  • Parts of Sea Bass/Barramundi 海鲈