Fillets can be used in many different cooking styles e.g. pan-fried, steamed, grilled, baked, and fried with a wide variety for you to choose from.

Being conveniently portioned, they are highly popular for steamboats, and for children & the elderly due to the added deboning service.

In the refrigerator, they can be kept for 1-3 days, & in the freezer, it can be kept for up to a month!

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  • Batang Fillet 巴当

  • Atlantic Salmon Fillet 三文鱼

  • Red Grouper Fillet 红石斑

  • Emperor Red Snapper Fillet 红狮

  • Black Grouper Fillet 黑石斑

  • Sea Bass/Barramundi Fillet 金目鲈

  • Threadfin Fillet 午鱼

  • Cod Fish Fillet 鳕鱼

  • Ang Go Li/Sea Bream Fillet 红哥里

  • Red Snapper Fillet 红鸡

  • Salmon Trout Fillet 三文鱼

  • fresh salmon fillet

    Atlantic Salmon Fillet (TAIL) 三文鱼