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Cod Fish, Fillet, Frozen (BONELESS)

Cod Fish, Fillet, Frozen (BONELESS)

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Fixed Price of $85/kg

Country of origin: UK

Also known as Chilean Seabass or 鳕鱼, it is a premium species wild-caught from the deep ocean.
It is highly sought after, due to the high level of Omega-3 fatty-acids which comes with many health benefits as well as its uniquely soft and buttery meat, making it extremely popular for children's consumption.

It is also high in protein and low in fat. 
The high price is due to the limited harvesting set to prevent extinction in line with the sustainability policy.

Note: The product is imported fresh-frozen to maintain its freshness. Thaw the required portion and keep the rest frozen for uncompromised quality. 

Pic is kinda inaccurate cause the middle bone wasn't filleted out (haven't had time to take a new picture)
Will upload a new picture in the coming days! (updated as of 8 Dec) 

We strongly recommend this if you usually do not intend on preparing the middle bone of the cod, giving you more value for money!