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Duapan, Whole, Fresh

Duapan, Whole, Fresh

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Country of origin: Indonesia 

Also known as: Tenggiri Dapan, Korean Seerfish 

The least commonly available but the most preferred, Duapan is known to have flesh that is sweeter and more delicate than batang and beh kah. 

Largest is usually batang, followed by dua pan then beh kah. 

Size ranges from 2 kg to 4 kg. 

Whole Fish $16-$20/kg (will be set at $18/kg tentatively) 
You can request for fillet cut or steak cuts or half fillet and half steak cuts. 

If you would like to order just the middle area ($25/kg), just the tail ($22/kg), or fillets ($30/kg), let us know via WhatsApp (+65 96745776 to Xavier) as it is very very high in demand at the wet market itself!

Please understand that duapan is not commonly available, so ordering it does not guarantee that it will be available. If it is unavailable, we can always arrange for delivery on another day, or provide you with other options such as batang.