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Emperor Red Snapper, Steak, Fresh

Emperor Red Snapper, Steak, Fresh

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Country of origin: Indonesia 

Mandarin: 红狮 Hong Shi
Malay: Ikan Merah Coreng, Merah Boring
Teochew/Hokkien: Ang Sai


It is our top selling snapper alongside red snapper, despite being more pricey. This is what it looks like before we fillet the fish. The steak cut in the picture is roughly 1 kg.

Our top recommendation alongside red grouper if you plan to steam your fish. You can choose between the tail (right) or steak cut (left) and specify how you want your fish prepared e.g. fillet, cut into slices. Fillets will be deboned for you
Both have the same price of $35/kg. Usually, if people want it in slices they choose the tail section and if they want it filleted they would choose a steak cut
Fillets are $42/kg as bones are not included while buying the fish whole is $20/kg and the fish head is $12/kg.

Please order one day ahead. Size ranges from 600g to 1.2 kg roughly.