Dear Customers, pre-Ukraine-Russia war prices are back for salmon! After 10 long months, we have finally reverted to 2021 prices! On another note, please welcome our new Special items collection, for fish that we do not have on a daily basis but are still available for ordering!

fish for babies

For Children Pack (Standard)

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This is the standard version of the pack that includes our top recommendations for children combined with the top sellers that parents usually get for their children:

Kids love it. Packed in conveniently portioned sizes, these are the favorite fish for kids in Singapore

1) Cod Fish steak 250G x2 (worth $35)
2) Threadfin Fillet 300G x1 (cut into cubes) $22.5
3) Atlantic Salmon Fillet (500G) (cut into three slices) (worth $17.5)
4) Red Snapper fillet 300G x1 (cut into slices for fish soup/porridge) (worth $10.50)

For a total of $85.50

Do note that mothers in confinement also frequently order these items!




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