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GIMSON Nyonya Red Curry (50g)

GIMSON Nyonya Red Curry (50g)

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Nyonya Red Curry is well-loved by all! This awesome, spicy, aromatic curry is a classic Peranakan dish - a renowned signature product!

Famed for its flavourful and fragrant taste, this paste is exquisitely blended from various herbs and spices to whip up one of Singapore's favourite dishes. This dish goes well with fried bee hoon, white rice, yellow rice (nasi kunyit), naan, prata, and of course, white bread. GIMSON Nyonya Red Curry has no added MSG, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Easy to cook and hassle-free

Cooking Instructions:

1. Pour 50g of the red curry into wok, heat up over low fire.

2. Put in 130g of chicken, 50g of potato or pineapple (cubes), stir fry over high fire for 3 minutes. 

3. Add 100 ml of water, and simmer over medium fire for 3-5 minutes. 

4. Add 25ml of coconut milk/milk, allow it to boil over medium fire. 

5. Serve hot with rice. 




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