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Red Grouper, Whole, Fresh (Small)

Red Grouper, Whole, Fresh (Small)

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Country of origin: Indonesia

Also known as 红石斑 (Hong Shi Ban), Merah Kerabu, Ang Gau, Red Garoupa 

Pack size: 600g, 700g, 800g, 900g, 1 kg (picture shows 700g)

One of the four king fish in Singapore, it is popular among all ages and even more so during the Chinese New Year celebrations due to its auspicious red colour and due to how excellent it is for steaming due to its firm and bouncy meat. 

For a more affordable option, Flower Grouper would be our top recommendation for steaming.

For another top-quality option for steaming, we recommend Chinese Pomfret (Dou Chang) 

Please specify the type of cut you want and we will do so for you e.g.: butterfly, descaling & degutting. For small red groupers, we recommend that you select butterfly/descaling & gutting and then steaming it whole for the best result. It can be consumed by a family of 4-8 depending on your option of 600g-900g, but you can also choose the medium-sized ones for families with larger appetites.

For filleting, large red groupers would be more suitable. 

Currently, $50/kg and price may go even higher to about $60/kg during Chinese New Year period. It is a prime fish for steaming and one of the most sought after during CNY period.