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fresh red snapper / hong ji fish

Red Snapper, Fillet, Fresh (1 KG) 红鸡

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Country of origin: Malaysia

Mandarin: 红鸡, 红鱼
Hokkien: Ang Kui
Malay: Ikan Merah 

$3.5/100g, $35/kg 

(NTUC price is $39/kg) 

An affordable alternative compared to threadfin, as the meat is soft and is an excellent source of protein, Vitamin B12 & B6. Fillets are deboned* and descaled. 

Excellent for fish soup, porridge, and steaming. Meat is softer compared to the other fillets.

*Please note that even though the deboning process is done with stringent control, it is important to check for the presence of bones before feeding children and elderly.*

Can be used for fish & chips too! (much more affordable than cod)