Dear all, we have reopened on 3 Aug, but do not have much fish supply as many suppliers at the port are under quarantine. A safe estimate for regular supply would be 6 Aug onwards!

fresh tiger prawns

Large Tiger Prawns, Fresh (500G) 老虎虾

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Prawn of the Day can include: Large Grey Prawns, Sea Prawns.

As large tiger prawn supply is not something available everyday, please let us know if you are okay with 'Prawn of the Day' whereby we will choose the best prawns in the market that are most similar to tiger prawns.

Country of origin: Malaysia

Also known as: 老虎虾 (Lao Hu Xia) / Lao Hor Hei 

Pic shows large tiger prawns

Suitable for grilling, bbq, soups. 

Our recommendation for BBQ prawns, prawn curry