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GIMSON Nyonya Sambal (50g)

Nyonya Sambal is a hot and spicy condiment. It can be served fresh from the packaging or cooked and fried, depending on each recipe or usage. It is perfectly prepared where its texture is sufficiently coarse and flavourful.

GIMSON Nyonya Sambal is versatile as it complements well with popular dishes like Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Lontong, Mee Siam and can also be used to whip up popular dishes like Sambal Stingray, Sambal Prawn, Sambal Squid and Sambal Fried Rice!

GIMSON Nyonya Sambal has no artificial flavourings. It is fragrant, easy to use and a must try for everyone.

Can be used as a cooking sauce for squids, prawns, crabs, cockles, mussels or any other seafood.

Can also be used as a cooking sauce for stir fry vegetables, sausages, fishballs, meat patty or fish.

Can be used as sambal for nasi lemak.

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