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Big Salmon Trout 三文鱼 (4-6 KG)


Country of origin: Norway

Size range: 4 kg – 6 kg


Fresh Norwegian Salmon Trout is chilled and imported from Norway.

Upon ordering this, the whole fish will belong to you – inclusive of fish head, fish bones, fish belly, and every bit of meat!

It will be filleted, cut into appropriate portions and deboned for your convenience! 

If you have other specifications for cutting, please leave a remark during checkout! (e.g. fish head cut into small pieces)

Special note from Xavier: 

1) The taste difference & difference in health benefits between salmon from NTUC & wet markets are VERY significant because NTUC uses small-sized salmon that never go past 3 kg, while our salmon is at least 4 kg and goes up to 6 kg.

2) The taste difference between salmon & salmon trout is not as significant, but the discerning eye would tell you that salmon trout is oilier and has a stronger taste. For our side, my sister and I love salmon trout but do not really like salmon, whereas our dad and mum prefer salmon over salmon trout.

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