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Big Sea Bass/Barramundi 金目鲈 (2.5-4 KG)


Country of origin: Malaysia

Mandarin: 鲈鱼, 海鲈, 金目鲈 Jin Mu Lu
Malay: Ikan Siakap
Hokkien: Gim Mak Lor 


Size ranges from 2.5 kg to 4 kg 

Farmed in saltwater along the straits, this is one of the local favourites and is very popular among the general population due to how versatile the cooking methods can be – steaming, grilling, panfrying, and broiling.

Upon ordering this, the whole fish will belong to you – inclusive of fish head, fish bones, fish belly, and every bit of meat!

When we fillet your fish, we will cut it further into appropriate portions, *debone, and pack them individually. The fish head will be cut in half.

Half fillet and half steak cut means that we will fillet the upper part of the fish and steak cut the tail area.

If you have other specifications for cutting, please leave a remark during checkout! (e.g. fish head cut into small pieces, fillet tail instead of the upper part)

Please note that the size you choose is a guideline for us, and it could be slightly bigger or smaller on that day! (of course payment will be made on that day instead of immediately after placing the order)

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