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GIMSON Nyonya Sauce (50g)


The best and easiest way to cook fish is steaming. Steaming is also a healthier choice as it uses less oil. If you think steamed food is bland, think again. All you need is to add this unique GIMSON Nyonya sauce on the fish and voila! You have it. A tasty and delicious dish.

GIMSON Nyonya sauce is simply mouth-watering with a mix of chilli, lime, garlic, and lemongrass flavour will get you asking for more! You can even use this GIMSON Nyonya sauce to fry noodles. That’s how versatile it is. No added MSG, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Easy to cook and hassle-free.

Cooking Instruction:

1. 200g of fish, rub with a pinch of salt and place on a plate.

2. 2 ladyfingers + 1/2 tomatoes cut into slices, place on top of the fish and pour 50g of the sauce over the cut vegetables and fish.

3. Put the dish of fish over the boiling water and steam over medium fire for 6-8 minutes.

4. Serve hot with rice.



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