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Atlantic Salmon Fillet (TAIL) 三文鱼


Country of origin: Norway

Atlantic Salmon is what’s known as anadromous fish. They spawn in fresh water, migrate to the sea to do most of their growing and migrate back to fresh water to spawn again. Most salmon have been found to return to the same spot they were born to spawn.

Tail fillets are guaranteed to be boneless as compared to the mid region ones which have to be deboned (even after deboning, they may not be 100% boneless). They are also less oily with a firmer texture.

In comparison to trout, salmon has a sharper head, less fatty belly, velvety smooth bite. It is richer in vitamin A (good for maintaining good vision & immune system). It has a lighter orange colour (it is the one in the left row)

In our opinion, it is less oily, taste is not as strong compared to trout & feels less ‘juicy’ compared to trout. Krystal & Mike prefer the salmon trout, while Xavier & Doris prefer the atlantic salmon, hence it really is up to personal preference!

Why Norwegian?
Norway has an excellent & efficient logistics system, with top-notch quality control. They have traceability of the fish throughout its journey from Norway to the fishery port, monitoring the temperature at all times such that the freshness is maintained all the way through.

Wild-caught salmon is one of the world’s most tracked and protected species in the world. Human activity has decimated their populations to the point of collapse. This led to sharp increases in prices that are no longer worth forking out for. This led to us halting our wild-caught salmon supply since 2016. (prices were already up more than 3x!)

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