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Threadfin Fillet 午鱼


Country of origin: Indonesia (Wild-Caught)

Also known as Ngor Her (Hokkien), 午鱼 Wu Yu, Ma Yau Yu (Cantonese), Ikan Kurau (Malay)

It is the ‘go-to-fish’ for babies, lactating mothers. Aids in the neurological development of children and boosts the supply of breastmilk in lactating mothers.

Premium price for a premium fish, the health benefits of threadfin is undeniable. A worthwhile investment for the growth and development of children. However, fishes are more or less always packed with nutrients, unlike meats like pork/chicken that can be unhealthy if consumed in excess, so we do recommend trying red snapper which has similarly soft texture & is high in protein & vitamins at less than half the price of threadfin!

Great for recuperating patients and the elderly as well. Meat is very soft and easy to chew.

Fillets have been descaled, deboned*, and portioned for your convenience.

*Please note that even though the deboning process is done with stringent control, it is important to check for the presence of bones before feeding children and elderly.*

If you have other specifications for cutting please leave a remark during checkout! (e.g. deskin & pack skin separately, etc.)

The price range is $60-$95/kg (currently $75/kg) (edit on 2 Jan)

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