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Emperor Red Snapper Fillet 红狮


Country of origin: Indonesia (Wild-Caught)

Mandarin: 红狮 Hong Shi
Malay: Ikan Merah Coreng, Merah Boring
Teochew/Hokkien: Ang Sai

Price is $5/100G, $50/KG

Our top recommendation alongside red groupers for steamboats. Has a soft, juicy and succulent texture. Excellent for almost any cooking method and arguably one of the best-tasting fish.

Fillets have been descaled, deboned*, and portioned for your convenience.

*Please note that even though the deboning process is done with stringent control, it is important to check for the presence of bones before feeding children and elderly.*

If you have other specifications for cutting please leave a remark during checkout!  (e.g. thin slices for steamboat/baby consumption)

Special note from Xavier: 

1) My friends came over to my place for steamboat for this year’s CNY and we had red grouper, emperor red snapper, black grouper and batang, and they LOVED emperor red snapper! They’re all picky 20 year olds that dislike eating fish, so it was a huge surprise to me!

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