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Whole Flower Grouper 石斑鱼 (~700G-1 KG)


Country of origin: Indonesia (Wild-Caught)

Other names: 石斑鱼(Shi Ban Yu), Kerabu, Garoupa, Huay Gau, Gau Hi, Hua Ban

Best steamed whole. A popular option for steaming a fish whole alongside other groupers and snappers.

Do you recall eating fish at wedding receptions, banquets, etc.? Flower grouper is one of the most frequently used fish for such events as it is excellent when steamed!

Average size is about 800G for the large ones, so we’ll set it as $17.60/pc!

The smaller flower groupers are $13-$15/KG, and flower groupers of this size is $15-$20/KG.

Special note from Xavier:
My part time days working banquet in MBS involved so many occasions where I got the chance to eat their steamed fish, and it was almost always flower groupers or sea bass! Absolutely delicious with a simple steam.

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