Dear Customers, we'll be pausing delivery services from 1-7 Feb to focus on stall sales as it'll be an extremely busy period. We will dedicate 8th Feb for deliveries, and will be closed again until fish supply returns :)


Question: Must I order via website? 

Answer: We suggest that you order via website for your first order so that your address is keyed into our system. After that, you can order via WhatsApp if it is more convenient! 

Question: Do I make payment immediately after ordering?

Answer: Nope! Please avoid doing so as the sizes of the fish vary on a daily basis, so the total cost could be slightly less or slightly more. On the day of delivery, we will inform you of the total cost, then you can make payment. 

What time will my order be delivered? 

Answer: Between 10 am to 3 pm depending on your location. We have two drivers separated between north west to north and central to east so that we can reach you as soon as possible! :)
West: ~ 10 am - 12 pm 
North West: ~ 11:30 am - 1 pm 
North: ~1 pm - 3 pm
Central: ~11:30 am - 1 pm
East: ~12:30 pm - 3 pm

Question: What payment methods can I use? 

Answer: Cash on Delivery (CoD), PayNow/PayLah to Xavier (96745776), Bank Transfer 

Question: If I order today, will I receive my fish tomorrow?

Answer: Yes, unless you specify otherwise and you placed the order before 8 pm.

Question: Can I order for another day of the week aside from tomorrow? 

Answer: Yes you can! Leave a remark during your checkout or notify Xavier via WhatsApp (9674 5776)

Question: Is everything going to be available everyday? 

Answer: For most of the products listed here, yes! Certain items have irregular supply such as red groupers & flower groupers, dua pan, leatherjackets, stingrays, etc., and not every size of prawns will be available but everything else more or less has stable supply.

Question: I only know the Chinese/other language name of a certain fish I had in the past but I can't find it anywhere, where can I find it? 

Answer: Please feel free to ask us via WhatsApp!

Question: How much for free delivery to my area ___?

Answer: It ranges from $50 - $70 depending on where you stay!