Dear Customers, do note that festive seasons are approaching; some prices will go up, and some may go down. We will try to update on a daily basis and rest assured they are reasonable wet market prices! :) Don't forget to place an order for a free cooler bag if you haven't gotten one yet!

Price Comparisons

I've decided to do up a price comparison chart just to show customers that prices out there can be extremely ludicrous. 

I have shown the prices to our fishmonger friends from several of our neighbouring stalls at 505 Jurong West Market and they were in absolute disbelief that these prices actually exist and customers are actually buying them.

We felt really upset to see such ridiculous prices online when prices at the wet market are so much lower when supply is also from Jurong Fishery Port & is supplied daily. Please shop wisely and be very aware of the prices out there! 

Names will not be displayed, this is just to show that you have to be very careful when shopping online! 






Red Snapper

Sea Bass

Red Grouper


Ding Xin Seafood



$70/kg (fillets weighed tgt w bone)

$12 for 400g

$8.75 for 350gm

$60-$100/kg (currently $60/kg)



$18 for ~400gm

$28 for 400g
$16 for 200g


$24 for 400g ($60/kg)
$14 for 200g

$12 for 350gm

$30 for 400g
$17 for 200g



$12 for 250g

1.8 kg for $80 ($44/kg)

$17.80 for 250g ($71.20/kg)

$29.90 for 300-350g






200g x3 for $32.40

200g x3 for $50.40 ($84/kg)

250g x3 for $82



200g for $14.40 ($72/kg)



$29 for 600g

$39 for 500g

$27 for 300g






 300g for $12.40

300g for $20.40

$22.80 for 300g


300g for $6.70

300g for $16.90











$14 for 250-320g


450-500g $42








275g for $26

300g for $10 ($33/kg)

400g for $10

375g for $28

300g for $10










450-500g for $20

250g-300g for $20


300-350g for $14

300-350g for $14

250-300g for $19



Small Fish

Golden Pomfret (Fresh)

Barramundi (Sea Bass)


White Pomfret

Flower grouper

Black Pomfret

Red Snapper

Ding Xin Seafood

 $12-$16/kg (currently $14/kg)















$28 for 1 or two, not sure



$28.80 (500-600g)













$8.80 ~400g








450-500g $9.50



$19.80/pc (400-500g)
$9.80/pc (200-300g)

500-600g for $10.50

400-500g for $9.80






300g for $7 (unlikely)


400g $6.50

$10 for 500g


500-650g for $11






500-650g for $15







500-600g for $11