Chinese New Year FAQ

As you may already know, Chinese New Year is the season for fish, which also translates to our busiest period! We have already started receiving orders, requests, queries on what fishes to get, what our delivery schedule looks like, when the prices will surge and how much the price surges would be, when is the ideal period to order fish and more! 

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) What are the fishes that will have a price surge?

A: Wild-Caught fish will definitely go up in price, while the fishes that have the highest demand will surge. Red Grouper & Chinese Pomfret (up to 100%+ surge), farmed fishes (baby threadfin, sea bass, red snapper, jiu lor, golden pomfret) will not have an increase in price, imported fish (salmon, cod, saba) will not have an increase in price, wild-caught Malaysian fish (golden snapper, flower grouper, ang go li, kee yu, yellowtail fish, black pomfret, emperor red snapper, black grouper, batang) may have an increase of up to 20% at most. Prawns, shellfish and other seafood may have an increase of up to 10% at most.

2) How do I know what the prices will be like if I order now? 

A: For this season where prices will be volatile, we will update the prices weekly on Mondays by 6 PM. The prices listed will be the highest they can go for that week, and may be lower on the day of delivery. e.g. If you order on a Sunday for Tuesday delivery, prices may be higher on the day of delivery, and if you order on a Monday evening, prices may be lower on the day of delivery. We kindly request that you place your orders for delivery within the same week

3) When is the ideal period to order fish for Chinese New Year? 

A: The ideal period would be from 16-28 Jan, as that is when supply is at its highest in terms of quantity and quality. 

4) When is the last day of deliveries for Chinese New Year?

A: We base this off the last day of supply from the Fishery Port, which is usually 2-3 days before the start of CNY. Hence, we will pen it as 6-8 Feb. 

5) When will you reopen and resume deliveries? 

A: We will most likely reopen and resume deliveries on the 2nd week of Chinese New Year, 16 Feb onwards. 

6) Will there be extra delivery charges for this period? 

A: No, however, we will be adjusting the minimum delivery amount to $88 in order to reduce strain on my dad who will be delivering a lot of orders during this period. As usual, there will not be any delivery fees and meeting the minimum amount will entitle you to free delivery. 

7) Can I order for a specific date in February?

A: You may notice that the furthest date to order is one week from the present date, and that is because prices are extremely volatile and we need to update them weekly. If you would like to order for a specific date in advance or have questions about the prices, please direct them to us via WhatsApp.

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