Dear Customers, we'll be pausing delivery services from 1-7 Feb to focus on stall sales as it'll be an extremely busy period. We will dedicate 8th Feb for deliveries, and will be closed again until fish supply returns :)

Our Story

Having been passed down over three generations, our mother, Doris, is the third generation stall-owner of our family business. After several years of running the business, she felt the increasing number of customers requesting for fillet cuts, seeking boneless fish for their babies and children at home. She innovated the style of filleting, deboning and individually packing fish apart from salmon, and found great success. Over a few months, she found herself with dozens of new regulars, and so, she made fillets her specialty, the unique selling point of the business. 

Doris, having strong friendships with all her suppliers at the fishery port after working with them for over a decade, is able to get far better prices than the hundreds of seafood sellers out there. This is another reason why wet markets are always able to have excellent prices and quality, because we receive fresh supply every single day, hand picked ourselves! 

However, when COVID-19 hit the world, we found ourselves struggling to make ends meet. More than half of our regulars stayed home and never showed themselves for months due to various entry restrictions and out of fear of the virus.This is where Xavier innovated the idea of seafood delivery, when he first thought of his cousins who stayed in the East end of Singapore that wanted seafood but could never make time to come by. With the intentions to bring in a few more regulars a week, he started walking on the path of eCommerce. Over the course of April 2020, he spent hours a day taking pictures, learning about fish and most importantly, the steps to take to set-up a website. 

He felt that having a simple Facebook page with promotions on Facebook groups once in a while would only be a short-term solution, that without a check-out system, customers could eventually seek out more convenient solutions. With informative product descriptions, customers could learn more about the various types of fish in Singapore without having to keep asking their local fishmonger or their best friend Google. 

With that in mind, the website was finally launched in May 2020. With the online business combined with support from the government's Budget 2020, we were able to stay afloat. 

We have met a tremendous number of pleasant and wonderful customers online who offer us wonderful feedback and advice, which is why we decided that we will continue doing this even long after the COVID-19 situation.