20 May updates: 1) prices of salmon have been slightly lowered! hopefully they will continue going down 2) tiger prawns are back in supply! 3) we continue to have the best prices for whole fishes online, and it is thanks to continued support from you guys that we can get them at better prices than others! Thank you!

fresh cod fish steak

Cod Fish Steak 鳕鱼

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Country of origin: United Kingdom (Wild-Caught)

Fixed price of $7/100g, $70/kg

Also known as Chilean Seabass or 鳕鱼, it is a premium species wild-caught from the deep ocean.
It is highly sought after, due to the high level of Omega-3 fatty-acids which comes with many health benefits as well as its uniquely soft meat, making it extremely ideal for children. It is also high in protein and low in fat. 
The high price is due to the limited harvesting set to prevent extinction in line with the sustainability policy.
The steak cut only has the main spinal bone in the middle and is a perfect portion for 2 adults to share over a meal. Some of the best ways to cook it includes steaming, baking and grilling.

We will try to select the slices with minimal fine bones for you, unless demand is extremely high.

Special tip from Xavier:

1) When choosing cod fish steaks outside, remember to look out for round-shaped cuts and not the arch-shaped ones as the round ones have minimal fine bones! :) 

2) Also, please be very aware of the prices outside, as certain places can sell cod fish steaks from $80-$95/kg!

Note: The product is imported fresh-frozen to maintain its freshness. Thaw the required portion and keep the rest frozen for uncompromised quality. 



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