Ding Xin Turns 4!

Ding Xin Turns 4!

Dear Customers, thank you so much for your love and support over the past 4 years!

For our 4th anniversary, we would like to offer an opportunity to earn unlimited discount vouchers!

How it works:
1) We will be awarding a 10% discount voucher for every 10 people you introduce us to 
2) Subsequently, for every person that you introduce us to that ends up buying fish from us, you earn a 5% discount voucher!
3) The 3 customers that introduces the most number of people to us will receive a Whole Salmon Trout (4-4.9 KG)

e.g. Customer A introduces 20 friends/families/colleagues to Ding Xin, & 4 of these people place an order. Customer A will be awarded 2x 10% off vouchers and 4x 5% off vouchers!

1) introduced people will need to be residing in a unique address that is not in our system/have not ordered this year
2) vouchers cannot be stacked in the same order
3) vouchers will expire on 31st Dec 2024
4) simply send us screenshots of your conversations with the people you introduced us to (numbers need not be shown, we shall do this on a good faith basis! if they intend to order, please tell them to include your name in the checkout!)

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