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How to freeze prawns for the long & short term

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Prawns are essentials to many seafood lovers, thanks to how versatile they are in recipes such as pastas, salads, curries, or for festive occasions like steamboats. They are also high in nutrients and protein. To maximise storage duration for prawns, here are a few key steps to do: 1) Wash and Peel: wash them thoroughly under cold water. If you want to remove the shells, feel free to do so at this stage, and give them another rinse once they've been de-shelled. Not peeling the prawns are fine as well, just that peeling them will help in the next few steps. 2) Dry: Pat dry the excess water from the prawns with a paper towel. 3) Portion: Lay them in tupperware boxes. If you're adding multiple layers, you can separate them with sheets of greaseproof paper to prevent them from sticking together. In order to protect your other food in the freezer from your prawn's odour, it's best not to freeze them in bags. 4) Label and Freeze: Note down the date of receiving the prawns. With these steps, you can store the prawns up to 3 months, although we always encourage customers to consume them within the month instead of storing them long term, because otherwise it would be better to just buy frozen prawns.

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