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fresh ang go li / white snapper fish head

Ang Go Li, Fish Head, Fresh (~1.2 kg)

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Country of origin: Indonesia

Other names: White Snapper, Sea Bream, Kurisi

Pack size: +- 1.2 kg (usual size)

Extremely popular for curry, assam fish, steamed, meat is less tender compared to other snappers. The fish head is most commonly found in fish head curry restaurants and is the top option for fishhead curry alongside the emperor red snapper.Β 

Their texture is excellent when cooked in a curry, being able to hold its shape but quickly absorbing the curry when lifted from the bones.

For fish head curry, customers usually prefer to have it cut in half.Β 

For claypot/fish head soup, customers usually prefer to have it cut into smaller pieces.

Gills and innards will all be removed, and the fish head will be descaled to the best of our ability.