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Atlantic Salmon Fillet 三文鱼

Atlantic Salmon Fillet 三文鱼

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Country of origin: Norway

$4.50/100g, $45/kg

Fresh Norwegian Salmon is chilled and imported from Norway. 

A salmon can be filleted from the mid or tail region.

The mid-region contains more Omega-3 Fatty Acids, thicker and 'oilier' compared to the latter. Usually softer and more 'chewy'.

The tail-region is thinner and completely boneless. 

Atlantic Salmon is known to be less oily than salmon trout, & is richer in vitamin A (contributes to good vision & immune response) whereas trout is richer in Vitamin D (for strengthening bones). Both fish have selenium, an important element in an enzyme that fights harmful chemical processes in the body.

Fillets have been descaled, deboned*, and portioned for your convenience. 

*Please note that even though the deboning process is done with stringent control, it is important to check for the presence of bones before feeding children and elderly.*

If you have other specifications for cutting please leave a remark during checkout!  (e.g. cut into three/cut into thin slices for steamboat/baby consumption)