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Baby's First Fishes (6 months-2 years old)

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How To Pay

We will weigh every item individually and inform you of the total via WhatsApp, and you can make payment via PayNow/PayLah or select Cash on Delivery and let us know if you need us to prepare change.

The reason for this is so that you are not shortchanged or overcharged. Using market rates, you will not be unknowingly paying high prices for fresh fish in Singapore.

Delivery Information

  • Delivery Timing: Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 3 pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: West, North West, North, North East.
  • Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: West, Central, South East, East.
  • Self-collection (with no minimum purchase) must be done before 12 pm at our physical stall. Self-collection customers, please place your orders via WhatsApp!


Question: Must I order via website? 

Answer: We suggest that you order via website for your first order so that your address is keyed into our system. After that, you can order via WhatsApp if it is more convenient! 

Question: Are prices updated? 

Answer: We do our best to keep them updated, & will definitely inform you preemptively if the price is higher, and will definitely charge you less if the price falls on that day! Prices change during festive seasons/seasons where there is an extremely high/low supply. E.g. in April, red grouper was frequently sold at a lower price, while in March, threadfin was frequently sold lower. This is due to seasons where fishermen are able to catch many more of them.

Question: Do I make payment immediately after ordering?

Answer: Nope! Please avoid doing so as the sizes of the fish vary on a daily basis, so the total cost could be slightly less or slightly more. On the day of delivery, we will inform you of the total cost, then you can make payment. 

What time will my order be delivered? 

Answer: Between 10 am to 3 pm depending on your location. We start deliveries from the West. 


Things to note:

1) Payment is made on the day of delivery and not after placing the order as final total could be affected due to differences in size of the fish

2) Your order will be packed in ice boxes and delivered in plastic bags unless you request for a foam box with ice.

Question: What payment methods can I use? 

Answer: Cash on Delivery (CoD), PayNow/PayLah to Xavier (96745776), Bank Transfer 

Question: Is everything going to be available everyday? 

Answer: For most of the products listed here, yes! We did not include some of our products that are available every once in a while e.g. parrotfish, solefish, dua pan, etc. 

Question: How much for free delivery to my area ___?

Answer: Any order over $65 will be entitled to free delivery :)

Question: How do I know if your prices are fair? 

Answer: We do not have an exorbitant profit margin as we are only a family-run business. We are absolutely confident in our prices & quality of seafood, and can guarantee that the prices listed are well within market rates! :)

Question: What is the difference between fillet and steak slice? 

Answer: Fillet slices are the boneless ones used in fish soup/fish slice porridge, while steak slices are usually fried/steamed as a whole piece. 

These are the best possible fishes for the growth and development of babies aged 6 months to 2 years old in Singapore. 

It consists of:
1) Cod fillet 500g (cut into cubes, separate into 2x 250g packets)
2) Threadfin fillet 500g (cut into cubes, separate into 2x 250g packets)
3) Salmon trout fillet 500g (cut into cubes, separate into 2x 250g packets)

Apart from providing high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, these fishes are a great source of healthy fats that are essential for a baby's developing brain, nervous system, and vision! 

All items in this pack will be deboned to the best of our ability, degutted, and cut into cubes, however, please be careful when feeding them as there may still be pin bones present. 

Commonly Asked Questions: 

How long can this pack last? 
It will depend entirely on the baby's appetite/intake and how often you feed them fish. A rough gauge would be 5 meals of 100g a week, which would last 3 weeks, or 12 meals of 125g each.

How should I cook these fish? 
We would recommend keeping the meals simple and not adding any salt or seasoning. and simply add a few cubes of the fish to some porridge.

What other fish would be suitable?
It would be recommended to feed them fish that are soft. We also recommend red snapper or emperor red snapper, which is featured in the pack for kids beyond 2 years old.

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