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Confinement Pack (Starter)

Confinement Pack (Starter)

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The confinement period is extremely crucial for a mother's body to recuperate, especially since they have to juggle feeding & taking care of the newborn. 

Contents in the confinement pack contains a variety of fish rich in nutrients to help the mother recuperate. 

The confinement pack contains:
1) Threadfin fillet 300g x1 
2) Cod fish steak 300g x1
3) Salmon fillet 300g x1
4) Red snapper fillet 300g x1
5) Threadfin fish head (~1 kg) x1 
for a total of $75! 

It is more than sufficient for one person and two people can share each piece of fillet. 
Doris (our mother) strongly recommends the fish head due to its affordability ($15/kg) and the amount of nutrients packed in it! We will chop it into small pieces so that all you have to do is to steam it. 

It should last approximately a week of consumption, but if you want to include more variety, we recommend:
1) Emperor red snapper fillet (steaming) - really well-liked among first-time consumers
2) Red grouper fillet (steaming) -generally very well-known fish when steamed for CNY
3) Black grouper fillet (steaming) - stronger taste and tougher meat, suitable for sweet & sour dishes
4) Batang fillet (steaming) - healthy and affordable alternative similar to threadfin in texture