Dear Customers, salmon prices are at all-time highs :( we strongly recommend getting local fishes such as the snappers as they are at their lower price points these days!

Emperor Red Snapper Steak (150-200G) 红狮

Emperor Red Snapper Steak (150-200G) 红狮

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Country of origin: Indonesia 

Other names: Ang Sai, Ikan Merah Coreng, Merah Boring, 红狮 Hong Shi

$4/100g, $40/kg

There is a good reason why it is known as the emperor snapper; it is the best-tasting snapper in Asia! The fish head is highly sought after by Chinese restaurants everywhere and is our best-seller among our tze char stall customers. 

Has a soft, juicy, and succulent texture. Excellent for almost any cooking method.



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