Dear Customers, salmon prices are at all-time highs :( we strongly recommend getting local fishes such as the snappers as they are at their lower price points these days!

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fish for kids
fish for children
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For Children Pack (Premium)

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This is the premium version of the pack that includes our top recommendations for children combined with the top sellers that parents usually get for their children: 

Kids love it. Packed in conveniently portioned sizes, these are the favorite fish for kids in Singapore

1) Cod Fish (BONELESS) (Best Part of Cod) 800-850G (worth $72)
2) Threadfin Fillet 500G (cut into cubes) $37.50
3) Salmon Fillet (500G) (cut into three slices) (worth $22.5)
4) Emperor Red Snapper fillet (500G) (cut into slices for fish soup/porridge) (worth $22.50)

For a total of ~$154.50

Fillets can be kept in the freezer for at least two weeks easily, hence many regulars like to add the best part of cod into their orders; doing the best for their kids. 

Do note that mothers in confinement also frequently order these items!




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