Dear Customers, salmon prices are at all-time highs :( we strongly recommend getting local fishes such as the snappers as they are at their lower price points these days!

ang zhou / ang zhor / golden snapper fish

Golden Snapper Steak (500-600G) 红潮

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Country of origin: Malaysia / Indonesia (Wild-Caught)

$2.50/100G, $25/KG

Also known as: Ang Zhou / 红潮 

Similar cooking methods to red snappers and have entirely identical prices, hence it is up to individual preference. Popular among the elderly as it has been sold for a long time in the markets (akin to ang go li)

Steaks are simply another section of the fish, and you can request for fillet/steak slice cut. 

Great value for money, steak is 'less valuable' than fillets simply because demand is not as high compared to fillets that are boneless, but for experienced fish eaters, steak slices are the way to go!



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