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Sea Bass/Barramundi Fish Head (~800G-900G) 金目鲈

Sea Bass/Barramundi Fish Head (~800G-900G) 金目鲈

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Country of Origin: Malaysia (Farmed)

Other names: Siakap (Malay), Gim Mak Lor (Hokkien), 鲈鱼/鲈 (Mandarin)

Farmed in saltwater along the straits. One of the most popular local choices of fish as the meat is mild and texture is soft. Fresh supply available every day.

Cooking methods are versatile as well – steaming, grilling, panfrying and broiling.

Gills and innards will all be removed, and the fish head will be descaled to the best of our ability. They will be cut in half by default, let us know if you want them to be cut further by adding remarks during checkout!




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