Dear Customers, salmon prices are at all-time highs :( we strongly recommend getting local fishes such as the snappers as they are at their lower price points these days!

Whole Fish Pack

Whole Fish Pack

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These are the 5 most popular & affordable whole fishes we have available; all suitable for steaming, frying, etc!

This pack contains 5 whole fishes:
1) Sea Bass ~450-550G x1 (worth $6)
2) Flower Grouper ~450-550G x1 (worth $7.50)
3) Whole Red Snapper ~500-600G x1 (worth $12)
4) Golden Pomfret ~500-550G x1 (worth $8)
5) Baby Threadfin ~450-550G x1 (worth $12)

All fishes will be cleaned and gutted; if you want any further preparations to your fish, please leave a note during checkout! 



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