20 May updates: 1) prices of salmon have been slightly lowered! hopefully they will continue going down 2) tiger prawns are back in supply! 3) we continue to have the best prices for whole fishes online, and it is thanks to continued support from you guys that we can get them at better prices than others! Thank you!

Beh Ka Fish 马鲛鱼 (~1 KG)

Beh Ka Fish 马鲛鱼 (~1 KG)

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Country of origin: Indonesia (Wild-Caught)

Also known as: Spotted Mackerel 

This is another very popular type of mackerel in Singapore, a smaller and cheaper version of Batang, Dua Pan, etc! 

Supply is not consistent, however, and it is not very suitable for fish soup/porridge unlike the bigger counterparts. 

It is a great option for panfrying and steaming. 



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