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Parrotfish Fish Head (~1 KG) 鹦嘴鱼

Parrotfish Fish Head (~1 KG) 鹦嘴鱼

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Country of origin: Malaysia (Wild-Caught)

Also known as: Ying Ko 

The fish head is so ugly, but the meat tastes so good. It has a softer texture and sweeter taste, and is a fish that many regulars look out for. Our elderly regulars usually pair it with their favourite picks like ang go li.

Best used for grilling, pan-fried or cooked in a curry! Steaming is good too, since its fresh. 

This is rarer and we have the supply about once every two weeks!

Do note that upon ordering this, your delivery will be tagged as 'ANYDAY DELIVERY' rather than a fixed date!

For fish head curry, customers usually prefer to have it cut in half. 

For claypot/fish head soup, customers usually prefer to have it cut into smaller pieces.

Gills and innards will all be removed, and the fish head will be descaled to the best of our ability. They will be cut in half by default, let us know if you want them to be cut further by adding remarks during checkout!



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