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Indo Sea Prawns, Fresh  海虾(500G)

Indo Sea Prawns, Fresh 海虾(500G)

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Country of origin: Indonesia (Wild-Caught)

Also known as white ang kar prawns. hai xia 

$25/kg for a mix of small/medium-sized sea prawns ~30-35 pcs per kg

If we were to grade it, it would be Grade B. 
Grade C prawns are also available at about $12-$15/kg but we dislike selling those as it can be mushy/sandy. 

Cooking Methods:

  • Steaming
  • Frying (Pan Fry, Deep Fry, Stir-Fry)

Dish Recommendations:


Special note from Xavier

1) Yes, these are the 海虾 (hai xia) that you find in the market most of the time! Our prices are so good its almost unreal because I went to two other wet markets (both in Jurong East) and their prices start at $25/kg! (online sellers rarely sell it cause its not consistent in supply) 

2) The Malaysian sea prawns are supplied from small boats in Malaysia (those are of much higher quality hence the price is higher) 

3) Generally, the sizes are small-medium (30-40 pcs per kg) and large ones are uncommon.



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